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GenData is a completely free resource for anyone researching Australian Genealogy.

You can search the databases, read the blogs and download any of the tools without any cost and without having to sign up. 

At no time will you be asked for personal information when visiting this site, unless you choose to contact GenData by email, in which case obviously you will need to provide your email address so that you can receive a reply.

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The data available on this site is gathered from many different sources including old newspapers, gazettes etc and some freely available data sets.  Where possible data is gathered using an original source document, or document "of the day".

While every effort has been made to ensure that information is accurate, it is always possible that mistakes can occur, things change, and improvements can be made. No responsibility can be accepted for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person using this information or by any business, organisation or individual shown in the data.


GenData came about after my passion for genealogy (and some inherited info) left me with some unique record sets for Australian Genealogy which I use both for my own purposes and to help others in their ancestral pursuits.

In 2020, during various Covid-19 Pandemic lockdowns, I decided to work on this little project to make my data available to a wider audience. The result is

Most of the data covers years as early as 1810 to around 1920 and spans every state in Australia. You will not find much in the records beyond 1920 due to the well abided by privacy rules.  There are many other sources of information available for the more recent decades including the subscriptions libraries such as and many government run websites where you may be able to access some contemporary records.

For more freely available information sources, a good site to visit is

I hope you will find the information useful and that it adds to your own body of research.