Assisted Immigrants from the United Kingdom to Victoria 1850-1853

47,700+ records

The Bounty Immigrant books record the arrival of immigrants from the United Kingdom in the colonial era and were kept by various regulation bodies between 1839 and 1871. Known as “assisted” immigrants, these were people who had their voyage subsidised from the UK by the Victorian government for the purpose of being employed on their arrival. Included in the data you will find first name and surname, the name of the ship and its arrival month and year, as well as their age and the page on which the record occurs.

Using this information, you can then search the original records (using the link provided below) which may detail further things such as marital status, age, gender, ports of embarkation and disembarkation, native country and county, religion, ability to read and write, occupation, “disposal” (employer on arrival), and any remarks made. This is an invaluable resource for those researching ancestral arrivals in the mid 1800s.

Id (key)Last nameFirst nameYear of arrivalShip nameMonthMasterAlternatemasterAgePageNoteSource
Id (key)Last nameFirst nameYear of arrivalShip nameMonthMasterAlternatemasterAgePageNoteSource

About the source

The source information is available on the website of the Victorian Public Records Office (PROV) and may contain further information such as occupation, their native place, religion, literacy, the intended place of residence etc. A viewer is available to show the page in the original record book.

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