What happened in Australia in 1882?

If Social Media existed back then, what would our ancestors have been talking about? Taken from year books, Almanacs and newspapers, follows is a list of notable events that occurred in this year. Includes disasters, severe weather, notable people, milestones, construction, inaugurations and other significant events. Obviously, this list references recorded events only and is not exhaustive.


1st – Evidencing Act came into operation.
2nd – Commercial retrospect of 1881 published Highland Society’s gathering. Tattersall’s Club annual meeting. Feature of treaty negotiations between England and France. Wotonga Wrecked.
3rd – Lady Land Leaguers arrested. First prosecutions under new Licensing Act. Meat by Europa realised 5d. and 6d. per lb. in London. Baroque Manhegan burnt at Newcastle.
4th – WH Ainsworth, author, died. Match between English and combined teams drawn.
5th – Bishop Short left Adelaide. Professor Draper died, also B Osbourne, member of House of Commons.
6th – Russian squadron in Sydney celebrated their Christmas. Leading article in Times on finances of New South Wales.
7th – Russian war vessel Afrika displayed electric light.
8th – HMS Nelson arrived as flagship for Australia.
9th – Hawkin’s Hill Gold-mining Company formed.
10th – Boat racing amongst Russians, French, and English. Mr L. F. Heydon elected for Yass.
12th – Garongue, wilh smallpox on board, arrived. Annual meeting Mercantile Rowing Club. Two bailiffs drowned in Lough Mask, Ireland.
13th – Hon James Henty died at Melbourne. Sir John Robertson returned for Mudgee unopposed. New Year’s Day celebrated on board Russian Squadron. Sir George Innes granted a rule directing Messrs. Reading and Hunt to hear the licensing case of Thomas Chernley. Railway Rates Board held final sitting. Europa’s meat reached London: and sold at 11d. per lb.
14th – Russian squadron sailed for Hobart. McPherson had an arm torn off by lion at Wilson’s circus at Albury. Customs House returns (Albury) for past year published.
15th – Boat accident at Port Jackson and Thomas Brennan drowned. Wesleyan Church opened at Wollahra.
16th – Annual meeting Australian Jockey Club. Smuggled opium seized at Echuca. Electric light apparatus for new lighthouse arrived. Forffesrhiva with 400 immigrants arrived. City of Cashmere wrecked at Timaro. Zealandia arrived from San Francisco with smallpox on board.
17th – Public meeting at Bathurst re water supply. Willian Hawson, committed for trial for setting fire to barque Manhegan. Two cases of smallpox at Waterloo. Wesleyan Conference commenced. Court marshal on board H.M.S. Emerald
18th – Annual meeting of Engineer Corps. Mr. T. K. Abbott appointed police magistrate at West Maitland. News received of death of Dr Fonlis at Glasgow. Mr. J. C. Maynard appointed Deputy Chief Inspector. Education Department. Eliza, Mary Ann, and Catherine Pastorella, drowned in Murray at Albury.
19th – Horticultural and Poultry Society established at Woollahra. Vice Admiral Wilson banquetted at Exchange. Sale of Mr A Town’s thoroughbred and draught stock. Mirzabors arrived, King George’s Sound, smallpox on board.
20th – Lieutenant Symons of Wolverona, appointed to command that vessel. Officers and crew of Wolverona left for England. The Governor and party-inspected Mill Visy purchased as vice-regal residence. Rev. G. Sutherland, of St. George’s Church, Sydney, presented with an address and testimonial by his congregation. Panic on the Paris bourse.
21st – Meeting at Theatre Royal with regard to Licensing Act. 2000 Ulster farmers met at Belfast to discuss the Irish Land question.
22nd – Foundation stone of St Micbael’s church, Lower Port street laid. Particulars of fate of Mrs Watson and Al Saw received in Brisbane.
23rd – Sydney Arcade lighted with electric light. Annual meeting Randwick Asylum held. Captain McLeans’ certificate suspended for three months for loss of Wotonga. Colonel Anderson, Commandant of Victorian forces died. Annual meeting of Wesleyan Missionary Society’. Annual meeting of Sick Children’s hospital.
24th – Annual meeting Young Men’s Christian Association. Severe shock of earthquake at Omeo, Victoria.
25th – Annual meeting Linnean Society. Annual meeting Benevolent Society. Certificate of mate of Wotonga suspended.
26th – Anniversary Dat. National Regatta and other sports and amusements held. News received of capture of Moonlight’s gang in Ireland.
27th – Newcastle races held. Fire at JJ Curran’s shop, George street.
28th – Miss Christian gave farewell concert at Gardner Palace. Hon P Higgins MLC died. Foundation stone laid of first Lutheran Church in Sydney. News received of arrival of Sir Henry Parkes at San Francisco. Large fire at Goulburn. Charles Cole killed on the railway near Goulburn. Telegraph communication between Gabo Island and mainland restored. Fiona went ashore near Seal Rocks.
30th – January sitting of Metropolitan quarter sessions commenced. Disastrous bush fire at Lancefield, Victoria.
31st – Judge ? ruled that public houses must be closed at 11 o’clock. Wife and six children of Henry Simpson burned to death at Canterbury, NZ. Hon Captain Onlsow MLC died.


1st – First annual meeting of Horticultural Society. Sydney Leidertafel formed. Disastrous fire at South Creek. Union Generale Bank, Paris suspended payment. Fire at New York Times office – five persons killed and eight wounded.
2nd – Distribution of prizes to students attending Technical College. Political crisis in Egypt.
3rd – Mendelssohn Quintette Club gave last concert at Masonic Hall. Victorian cricketers to play in Intercolonial Match arrived. Wesleyan Conference closed its sittings.
4th – Zealandia RMS released from quarantine. Cyclone in Northern Queensland. Sentence of death passed upon Guiteau confirmed.
6th – Times (London) commented on Sir Henry Parkes’ visit to America. Fresh outbreak of smallpox on board RMS Mirzapore at Melbourne. Annual session of Primitive Methodist session commenced. Mr JK Macarthy assumed the leadership of Parnellites.
7th – Scarlet fever epidemic at Tumbarumba subsided. Voting under local option clause of Licencing Act took place. Annual meeting of School of Arts. Extensive seizure of smuggled goods in Melbourne. Great fire at Gisborne, NZ. Dr Walter Adams of Blayney, run over by a train at Newtown. New South Wales Savings Bank balance sheet published. Imperial Parliament opened.
8th – Rain falling in several parts of colony.
9th – Orient liner Geronne liberated from quarantine.
10th – Cricket match Victoria v New South Wales. Mr S Thurlow, under sheriff, died from poison. Sir Henry Parkes arrived at New York.
11th – Picture “The Defence of Rorke’s Drift” hung in the art gallery. Murdoch completed innings of 320 in Intercolonial match. Dargue, a madman, shot at Major’s Creek by Mr Cobb.
13th – Captain Curphery’s (Fiona) certificate suspended for three months. Heavy floods at Thargomindah, Queensland. Drought at Mount Browne.
14th – Annual meeting Sydney Bethel Union. Extensive bush fire at Albury. More smuggled goods seized at Melbourne.
15th – Intercolonial cricket match won by New South Wales. Polling on local option against Stanmore 18th – Death of Mr Henry Price. Michael McMahon, ex-mayor of Petersham, sentenced to seven years on the roads for uttering forged promissory note. Victorian Ministers visit Newcastle. Barque Romeo wrecked near Ram Head.
16th – Meeting of licenced victuallers, Bathurst, to form Association. Sir Henry Parkes addressed New York Chamber of Commerce.
17th – English Eleven c Combined team match commenced. Boat accident at Lonsdale, Victoria, three fisherman lost their lives. Charles Grimley Morpeth shot Ann Pettit whilst she was lying asleep. Annual meeting of Orange Lodge.
18th – United States Congress passed law prohibiting polygamy. Sir Henry Parkes accepted invitation of Marquis of Lorne to visit Canada.
20th – Madame Celeste, actress, died in London. Sir Henry Parkes entertained by Lotus Club, New York. John Shaw and Thomas O’Donnell drowned at Maitland, through upsetting of a boat. Trial of Milburn Creek trustees commenced.
21st – International Cricket Match won by Combined team. Victorian Ministers visited Zig-Zag and Lithgow. South Australian Ministerial party arrived at Port Darwin.
22nd – Victorian Ministers entertained at picnic by D and W Robertson. Sir H Parkes arrived at Washington.
23rd – Mayor of Sydney inspected place of amusement with view of preventing loss of life in case of panic.
24th – Disastrous fire at Dubbo. Water in Botany Swamp low. Annual meeting of New South Wales Rifle Association.
25th – Trial of Milburn Creek trustees concluded. Collision between Kameruka (s) and ketch Ethel Maria, – the latter sank and the mate drowned.
27th – Chong Heng, Chinese storekeeper, sent to gaol for two years for fraudulent insolvency.
28th – Cricket match, Victoria v All England won by the latter. Annual meeting Sydney Hospital.

MARCH 1882

1st – Annual mooting Randwick Asylum.
2nd – Meeting to welcome Rev J Jefferis LLB. Carols, German warship, arrived in Port Jackson. Child found murdered on Flagstaff Hill. Trades and Labour Council half yearly meeting.
3rd – Laycock left for England. News received of attempt to assassinate the Queen. Maria Lays, mother of a boy found murdered on Flagstaff hill arrested. £1106 sent to Shetland and Orkney Islanders. Trickett-Hanlan match arranged.
4th – Mayor visited other places of amusement in regard to dire escape. Rain fell today after long continued dry weather.
6th – Disastrous fire in Mississippi Valley, United States. Presents for Royal Princes inspected by the Governor. Annual meeting of New South Wales Alliance for Suppression of Intemperance.
7th – Cricket match, Australia v England won by the former. Annual meeting of Bible Society. Two Italians drowned in Port Jackson. Schooner Peb sunk through being struck by a whale.
8th – Denis Crawley died from “caisson fever”.
9th – Insurance frauds trial proceed at Adelaide. One hundredth quarterly meeting Sydney Municipal Council.
10th – Boers defeated by Sulus. Valedictory meeting to Rev T S Forsaith. Ministry, captains of German men-of-war and other visitors have trip over Blue Mountains. Tramway to Camden opened. US senate passed Bill prohibiting Chinese immigration for 20 years.
11th – Professor Wyville Thomson died. Water found at Marrickville by boring.
12th – Great fire at Adelaide.
13th – Rodway and Wilson committed for trial on charge of conspiracy to defraud. Banquet to English cricketers at Melbourne. Ninth annual session of Protestant Alliance Friendly Society.
14th – Cricket match England v Australians drawn. Annual celebration of Young Men’s Christian Association.
15th – Barker, Forsyth, Hicks and Horton committed for trial at Adelaide for conspiring to defraud the AMP Society. Queen thanked Dr McCabe for denouncing secret societies. Meeting of colonists in London to arrange banquet to Sir Henry Parkes.
16th – 150oz nugget of gold found at Temora.
17th – St Patrick’s Day celebrated by a picnic to Chowder Bay. Hon Dr Ranwick, Minister for Mines, left for tour through Northern districts. Colonel Crossman RE inspected fortifications of Port Jackson. Trickett’s Canadian boat smashed.
18th – Twenty five ladies fined at Gundagai for raffling. First trials dogs at Rooty Hill. Berrima coal mine opened. Meeting at Newcastle of miners on strike. Railway collision at Windsor near Melbourne.
19th – Bishop Moorhouse lectured on irrigation at Kerang. St James’ church reopened.
20th – Foundation stone Harries and Ackman’s mart laid. Annual meeting of Tattersall’s Club. St Patrick’s Day celebrated by banquet at the Town Hall.
21st – Governor of Victoria arrived enroute for Queensland. Farewell dinner to Mr Walter Lamb. Sir H Parkes arrived at Liverpool. Farewell meeting to native teachers proceeding to New Guinea.
22nd – Intelligence received of death of Sir JN Dickinson, formerly Judge of this colony. Leave of absence granted to Colonel Roberts. First annual gathering of Associated Fire Brigades. Sir Henry Parkes arrived in London. Meeting of sympathisers with proprietors of Bulletin.
23rd – Melbourne Age published article on alleged designs of Russia on colonies. Grocers held fourth annual picnic.
24th – Intelligence received of impending crisis in Egypt. Annual meeting of Chamber of Commerce. Meeting at Temperance Hall respecting Irish National Land League.
27th – Intelligence received of death of Longfellow. Opening concert of Sydney Liedertafel. Marcus Clarke fund reported as having amounted to about £1000th – Annual meeting Sydney Female Refuge. List of wrecks during 1881 year published.
28th – Farewell banquet in Melbourne to Mr Smith, Agent General for Victoria.
29th – Intelligence received of attempt to destroy House of Lords. Stone work of St Saviours Cathedral, Goulburn completed.
30th – Annual meeting Sydney Sailor’s Home. HMS Cormorant arrived, bringing news of murder of Lieut. Luckcraft. Hawkesbury Autumn Race Meeting commenced.
31st – Telegram received that Captain Lord Scott and Commander Hill, HMS Barchante, were censured by Admiralty. Inspector Anderson left for England. Minister for Mines returned from tour in Northern Districts. Annual meeting New South Wales Branch of British Medical Association. Annual meeting Zoological Society.

APRIL 1882

1st – Statement of revenge for past quarter published. A 25 ton gun sunk off Balmoral. Sir James Martin CJ at Young, made a speech on law of libel. Bishop Murray arrived at Newcastle from visit to Europe. Hon JB Wilson proceeded to Lord Howe Island to investigate complaints against resident magistrate.
3rd – James McCloskey, Manager of the Richmond (Victoria) Branch of Bank of New South Wales shot himself. South Australian Ministerial party returned to Sydney from a tour in Northern Territory. Wharf Labourer’s Accident Assurance Club inaugurated. Hanlan beat Boyd.
5th – Severe rainstorm in Sydney. Permanent Artillery went into camp at Middle Head.
6th – Intelligence received of marriage of Sara Bernhardt.
7th – Coast Hospital declared free from disease. Four regiments of New South Wales Volunteer Infantry and Engineer Corps went into camp at Victoria Barracks. Volunteer Artillery and Torpedo Corps went into camp at Middle Head. Annual session of I.O. Good Templars. Two men named Jeffires and Frazer drowned through capsizing of a boat near Balmain.
8th – News received of death of Dr Barker, Bishop of Sydney. Agricultural Society’s Exhibition, at new show grounds, Moore Park. “The World” produced at the Theatre Royal. Stabbing affray ay Blayney resulting in death of James Fitzgerald. Permanent and Volunteer Artillery and Torpedo Corps took part in sham fight at Middle Head.
10th – Australian Jockey Club’s Autumn Meeting commenced at Randwick. Ye Olde Englishe Fayre opened in Garden Palace. Ye Fayre of yo Olden Tyme opened in St Mary’s RC Cathedral. Shell at Queenscliff (Victoria) splintered, injuring two men. Intercolonial Exhibition opened at Christchurch (NZ). Volunteer Infantry and Engineers took part in sham fight at Randwick at midnight.
12th – Particulars published of attempt by lunatic to assassinate Queen. Review of work of Custom House published. Sydney Cup won by Mr Lloyds Cunnamulla. Easter encampment of Volunteers terminated. Child named Margaret Wells killed by tram.
15th – Report received of outbreak of particular fatal disease amongst horses at Dubbo.
16th – Times urged growers of Australian wines to push wines in the London market.
17th – Cablegram received stating that Sir Henry Parkes was on a visit to Stoneleigh in Warwickshire, his birthplace. Presentation of a silver tea and coffee service made to Hon Dr Renwick, in recognition of his services as Executive Commissioner for this colony at the Melbourne International Exhibition. Alleged case of smallpox discovered in Melbourne. Hon Graham Berry of Victoria, delivered on address on Protection of the Masonic Hall. Aurora Australis of unusual brilliancy visible at Goulburn and other places.
18th – Diamond-drill department established. Service in connection with the funeral of Bishop Barker held at St Andrew’s Cathedral. Dry blowing machine for separating gold tried in the vicinity of Prince Alfred Hospital. Third International Conference of the Presbyterian Churches of Australasia opened at St Stephen’s Church, Phillip street.
19th – Lord Howe Island Committee returned. Complimentary dinner given to Mr Julian Thomas (The Vagabond) at the Metropolitan Hotel. Town Hall at Petersham opened. Sir Henry Parkes entertained at a banquet by Mr Gladstone. Roderick McLean who shot at the Queen found to be insane.
20th – Dr Darwin died.
21st – Second-annual show of the Sydney Canary Society held at the Temperance Hall. Haynes and Archibald released.
22nd – Garden Palace Olde Englyshe Fayre closed. Retirement of Inspector Johnston announced. Autumn meeting at Randwick. Awards made for colonial pictures.
23rd – Foundation of O’Bierne Bible Hall laid.
24th – HMS Diamond arrived.
26th – Hoffnung’s new premises commenced. 33rd annual meeting of AMP Society. HMS Espreglo arrived.
27th – HR Agricultural show. John Danzell found guilty of the manslaughter of JF Fitzgerald at Blayney on April 8th and sentenced to seven years imprisonment with hard labour.
28th – Commission on theatres appointed. Dr Lamson executed.
29th – New South Wales won intercolonial boat race. Sir Henry Parkes remarked that it was a mistake to suppose that Englishmen could instruct Australians.
30th – Albert Young threatened to kill Queen.

MAY 1882

1st – Hanlon beat Trickett. News received of the massacre of Mr Lockhead and others by Solomon Islanders.
2nd – Attempt to burn Temora post office.
3rd – Foundation stone of St Marks Church, Granville laid by the Vicar-General (Very Rev WM Cowper). Disorderly scene at a Commission of the Presbyterian Assembly at Melbourne. Annual meeting of Royal Society. Australian cricketers arrived at Plymouth.
4th – Parnell, Davitt and others released.
5th – Presentation to Sergeant McDonald.
6th – Archibald Forbes arrived. Lord Cavendish and Mr Burke murdered in Dublin. Trotting match for £1000 won by New Chum. Attempt to overthrow Camden tram.
8th – Insurance fraud conspirators sentenced. Archibald Forbes commenced lecturing. The Day case heard at Insolvency Court. St Mary’s “Fayre” closed.
9th – John Plomer respited.
12th – Banquet to Forbes by Highland Society. Sir Henry Parkes presented to Queen.
15th – Australian cricketers first match in England.
16th – Banquet to Hon C Moors on his leaving for Europe.
17th – Botany tramway opened.
18th – New Eddystone lighthouse opened. Mr J Paxton died.
19th – New gas holder for Sydney inflated.
20th – British Squadron reached Alexandria. Sydney firemen left for Melbourne. Austral left Plymouth for Sydney.
21st – Dr Cani consecrated Bishop of Rockhampton.
23rd – Victorian bowlers at Parramatta. St Gothard tunnel through the Alps opened for railway traffic. Mary Laye’s sentence for the murder of her child commuted to 10 years imprisonment. Fire Brigades’ demonstration, Melbourne, commenced.
24th – Queen’s Birthday review held. Derby won by Shotover. The Hon S Samuel made KCMG.
26th – Geheimniss won the Oaks.
27th – Football season commenced. Grammar School Athletic Club sports. Dinner to Intercolonial crew. Fittes won Krug trophy. Waterloo veteran named McCuillan died at 112, Liverpool. New Zealand meat first reached England.
29th – Mr T Walker gave £10,000 to Sydney charities.
30th – Dr Alleyne, Health Officer, resigned.
31st – The Genil arrived. Land in George street realised £850 a foot. Mr JA Fairfax died.

JUNE 1882

1st – Captain Armstrong, resident magistrate Lord Howe’s Island, dismissed.
4th – Garibaldi died.
5th – Annual exhibition at University.
6th – Steamer Fairlight sank Osprey.
7th – Annual meeting, Grand Lodge NSW Masons. Darling Harbour cases commenced. Mr Thibault appointed of languages at University.
8th – The sum of £4,809,200 tendered for £2,000,000 NSW loan.
9th – Annual meeting NSW Poultry Society.
11th – Massacres at Alexandria.
12th – Several rookeries condemned by the Mayor. Wheat and flour exported from San Francisco to Sydney.
13th – Elsie Smee, 2 ½ years, killed in Waverley tram line.
14th – Meeting re the patent laws. Pharmaceutical Society annual meeting. Railway authorities decided to charge only 11s per bale for wool from any stations on S and SW lines to Sydney.
15th – Comet discovered. Mr Scott, locomotive engineer, left officially for America and England. Sir Henry Parked arrived at Berlin.
16th – Largan beat Pearce sculling.
17th – Meeting in Garden Palace in honour of Garribaldi. Meeting at joiners and carpenters to demand increased wages. Presentation to Sub-inspector Johnson by his men.
19th – Railway parcels and inquiry office, George street burnt. Model lodging house opened.
20th – Largan beat Pearce and Laycock for the Sportsmen’s Cup. Bordeaux wine Exhibition opened.
22nd – Particulars of Kindergarten system of instruction published. Dr McGibbon died.
23rd – Preminer interviewed M Freycinet, French Minister on Australian topics. Australian cricketers beat gentlemen of England.
28th – Mr J Davies appointed to Licencing Board. Welcome to Trickett.
29th – Redfern station illuminated with electric light bulbs.
30th – House fell in Oxford street. Government purchases diamond drills. Orient steamer Austral arrived. Guiteau executed.

JULY 1882

1st – Premier left for England.
3rd – A Forsland fleeced of £150 by matchbox trick. Laycock beat Boyd.
4th – Railway to Hay opened.
5th – Lucas case re Darling Harbour land terminated.
6th – Mercantile Rowing Club Ball.
8th – “Youth” produced at Theatre Royal. Aboriginal Commission reach Maloga.
9th – Orange religious services at Prince Alfred Park.
11th – Annual sale of stud sheep. Joseph Cook commenced lecturing. Geelong beat Sydney at football. Railway to Boggabri opened. Alexandria bombarded by the British.
12th – Orange 12th July celebration.
14th – Grafton Bank robbed.
15th – Geelong beat New South Wales at football.
16th – Convent opened at Ashfield. Petersham railway station robbed.
17th – Eli Johnson lectured on “Drink from Drugs”. Maori ambassadors interviewed Lord Kimberley.
18th – Dr McKellar appointed health officer. The Wolverene made a sea trip. Government determined upon additional defence works. Amsterdam Exhibition Commission appointed.
24th – First general meeting of Phonographic Association. Hon SD Gordon died. City Council held inquiry re alleged gift of railings to H Davies.
25th – Meeting re J Davies appointment to Licencing Bench. Further condemnation of “rookeries” by Mayor of Sydney.
26th – Municipal conference re extension of Sydney Improvement Act to suburbs.
27th – Snowballing at Redfern station. Australian cricketers beat Gentlemen of Scotland.
28th – Annual meeting Night Refuge.
29th – Engine drivers annual dinner. Annual commemoration of Sydney University and first trial of new organ.
31st – Queen’s Theatre closed in consequence of being condemned.


1st – Henry Kendall died.
2nd – Northern railway to Uralla opened. Meeting for formation of Volunteer Naval Artillery.
5th – Annual meeting United Dire Brigades. Australian Cricketers beat Gloucester.
7th – Will case Brown v McElhone commenced.
8th – New trial re Lucas v Minister for Works refused.
9th – Concert to A Fairfax, vocalist. Meeting re Kendall fund. Troops left India for Egypt.
10th – Sydney Turf Club Meeting. Ladies Land League dissolved. Defence works at Bure Island actively proceeded with.
12th – Organ recital at University.
13th – Marquis de Rays arrested for fraud. New south Wales beat Queensland at football. Tattersall’s Midwinter meeting.
14th – Rev Mr Kennion, Vicar of Bradford, appointed Bishop of Adelaide. Sir Henry Parkes landed in Melbourne. British authorities decided to restore Catewayo.
15th – Sir Henry Parkes banqueted in Melbourne. Tea banquet given to J Davies MLA. Glebe tramline opened. University beat Queensland footballing. Professor Jevois drowned. Sir Garnet Wolseley reached Alexandria.
16th – Tramway terminus lighted with portable gas. Courageous capture of a robber named James Jamieson, alias Thunderbolt, by Constable Chapman. 17th – Sir Henry Parkes reached Sydney from Europe. Mrs Samuel Plimsoll died at Brisbane. John Davies decided to resign his membership of Licensing Board.
18th – Trial of Burns charged with Deep Lead murder, concluded. C. J. Roberts, made C.M.G. Lough Mask murders occurred.
19th – Sir Garnet Wolseley ordered temporary suspension of traffic through Suez Canal. Constable John Chapman rewarded for gallantry. Foundation stone of Hudson works at Granville laid. United Eleven of England beat Australian team.
21st – O’Farrell attempted to assassinate Archbishop Gould. Meeting re Kendall fund held in School of Arts. First meeting of Amsterdam exhibition Commission. First snipe of season shot.
22nd – Electric Light at South Head Lighthouse tested. Hon A Campbell appointed representative of the Government in Legislative Council. Third session of 10th Parliament commenced. Meeting of Tramway employees to apply for increased pay.
23rd – Annual meeting of Sydney Musical Union. Guildford Onslow, ex MP, died. Question of tram tickets referred to at Randwick Asylum. Gigantic Coat of Arms placed in new Post Office.
24th – Policeman fined for being offensive to a citizen. Meeting to erect tablet to Canon Smith. City Aldermen determined to investigate charges against Alderman Davies re Connanbara. Hawkesbury races.
25th – John Sheedy, tram driver charged with causing collision through neglect, discharged. Coogee tramway commenced.
26th – Inaugural meeting of Sydney Bicycle Club. MRC Annual Regatta. German Bazaar opened, Prince Alfred Park. Gunga, with Governor Gordon on board quarantined.
27th – Annual meeting of members of Synagogue.
28th – Browne and McElhone will case terminated. Bank of New Zealand first issued its own notes.
29th – Sir Alfred Stephen resigned presidency of Civil Service Building Society, and Sir John Robertson appointed his successor. Synod of Sydney met to elect Bishop in room of Dr Baker. Paper read before British Association on aborigines on Darling River. Battle at Kassassin Lock. Australian cricketers beat All England.
30th – Meeting re cattle sale days. Charge against Alderman Davies re Coonanbara investigated. Hon Graham Berry delivered address at Newcastle. Irish constabulary appeared. Laycock and Pearce arrived from England. Annual meeting of Shipwreck Relief Society. Hon A Campbell sworn in as Postmaster General.
31st – Dearth of rolling stock at Dubbo. Hon J Lucas’s resignation as trustee of the National Park and departure for New Zealand announced.


1st – Minister for Works announced that an agreement had been made for erection of North Shore bridge.
2nd – Strike of police and riots in Dublin. Twenty nine new solicitors admitted.
3rd – D Mitchell and Co’s premises, Clarence street, destroyed by fire.
4th – Darling Harbour cases resumed. AJC Spring Meeting. Mr A Gordon and Mr W Owen presented their commissions as Queen’s Counsel. Mayor served with writ for libel at instance of Alderman Davies. Robbery at Pitt street branch Bank of Australasia.
5th – Brown snake killed in Spring street. Hon J Macintosh appointed member of Licensing Board. Wagga Roman Catholics presented purse to Archbishop Vaughan.
6th – Meeting (second) re cattle sale days. Captain Adams of the Coonanbara, denied having received a hat from Alderman Davies. St Vincent’s Ball. Smallpox bad at Capetown.
7th – Case tried at Parramatta against Hudson Brother’s employees for breech of agreement. Dean Backhaus of Melbourne died. Report re Alderman Davies and Coonanbara adopted.
8th – Employers’ Liability Bill passed through committee in the Assembly. Evidence in Summary Convictions Bill passed through committee in the Assembly. Evidence in Summary Convictions Bill passed second reading and through committee. Deputation to Minister for Mines re mining under Newcastle Harbour. Sir Henry Parkes taken seriously ill. First day of the Grand Triduum in connection with the opening of St Mary’s cathedral. Captain Johnstone, RN, an old colonist, died.
9th – Mr Christopher Rollestone’s address to the Royal Society on the progress of New South Wales published. Dr Alleyne late Health Officer died.
10th – Captain Johnson RN, buried at Annadale.
11th – Correspondence published in reference to ironworker’s strike. Movement initiated for erecting memorial to late Dr Land. Meeting of Riverina squatters at Melbourne to consider rabbet pest. Successful raid on Chinese gamblers at Nundle.
13th – Supply Bill for £50,000 for railway purposes passed through all its stages in Council. Strike of colliers at Newcastle averted. Murrumbidgee Annual Pastoral Show. Criminal Law Consolidation bull read a second time in Assembly.
14th – Northern Monarch arrived from Plymouth with Government immigrants. Diocesan Synod selected three names for the office of Primate of Australia. Meeting of master painters decided not to increase standard rate of wage to operative painters.
15th – News received of British victory at Tel-el-Kobir. Albury Agricultural Show held.
16th – Sir Arthur Gordon, Major Knollys and other passengers per the Gunga from Fiji, released from quarantine. Rev Dr Pusey died.
17th – News received of British occupation of Cairo and capture of Arabi Bay.
18th – Cable message sent to London, expressing satisfaction with British victories in Egypt.
19th – Sir Henry Parkes convalescent. Mr Slattery’s Bill to increase salaries of Supreme Court Judges withdrawn. ASN Company’s steamer Ranelagh stranded near Bowen.
20th – PAC O’Farrell sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for unlawfully wounding Archbishop Gould. Both Houses adopted address to the Queen in reference to British victories in Egypt.
21st – News received at Brisbane of wreck of steamer Ganges from Melbourne to Calcutta, off Cape Priswell.
22nd – Garden Palace destroyed by fire – estimated loss £250,000th –
23rd – ASN Company’s steamer Glanworth, which broke down while enroute for Queensland, towed back to Sydney.
24th – Case of smallpox at Hamilton, Victoria, reported.
25th – Prince Alfred Hospital formally opened. Public meeting held at Temperance Hall, to protest against system of disposing of public lands.
26th – Mr Copeland’s motion for opening Art Gallery on Sunday’s carried in Legislative Assembly by 41 to 23 votes. Destructive bush fire at Grafton. City Coroner commenced inquiry respecting Garden Palace fire.
27th – Trade Defence Association met at International Hotel to formulate amendments to the Licensing Act. Barque Pride of England purchased by the Government for use as a powder hulk.


2nd – New Immigration Regulations published. Disastrous fire at Wright’s nedding factory – Mrs Wright burned to death.
3rd – Motion in Legislative Assembly to remove duty on tea and place tx on wheat and flour negatived by a large majority.
4th – Last of Darling Harbour resumption claims settled.
5th – Iron Cove bridge completed. Annual heavy rains in various parts of the country.
6th – List of new magistrates issued. Tender accepted for railway extension from Goulburn to Bungendore. Inquest on Garden Palace fire concluded – jury returned open verdict and censured the authorities.
7th – Final heat for Francis Punch trophy won by Rush.
9th – Construction of Illawarra railway commenced at Marrickville.
10th – Large number employees Mort’s Dock and Engineering Company agreed to resume work.
11th – The Premier’s motion to erect Free Public Library and Art Gallery on the site of the Garden Palace negatived.
12th – Leave given in Legislative Assembly to Sir John Robertson to introduce new Land Bill. Deputation from Land Law Reform Conference to Minister for Lands Newcastle colliers’ strike satisfactorily settled.
13th – Deputation of ladies to Minister for Works presented petition in favour of reducing Sunday traffic on railways and tramways. Ironworkers’ strike ended.
14th – New South Wales Rifle Association annual meeting concluded.
16th – Hon SC Brown MLC died suddenly. Annual meeting of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institute held under the presidency of the Governor.
17th – Report on “Anderson College” for Destitute Boys at Middle Harbour published.
18th – Labourers on Northern Railway extension Euralla to Armidale struck work for higher wages. James Gorman VC died.
19th – Criminal Law Amendment Bill finally passed through committee in Legislative Assembly. All the men employed on Nepean water works struck for eight hour system.
20th – Railway extension from Dubbo to Nevertire opened. Immigrant ship Northampton stranded in Botany Bay, no lives lost.
21st – Heavy rain in Sydney – reported to be pretty general throughout the colony.
23rd – Bordeaux Wine Exhibition awards published. Heavy storms in Victoria. Season’s wool sales opened.
24th – A man named James McIntosh struck dead by lightning whilst travelling with sheep in the Bourke district – McIntosh’s horse was also killed.
25th – Wharfage and Tonnage Act Amendment Bill read the second time in the Legislative Assembly and passed through committee.
26th – Tenders for construction of railway from Glen Innes to Tenterfield opened. Amount of successful tender £618,737 14s 2d. Seventeenth annual session Congregational Union closed.
27th – Ship Northampton safely floated and taken round to Sydney.
28th – Melbourne Derby won by Navigator. Steam collier Wontera foundered off Botany Heads – 17 lives lost, only one of the crew saved.
30th – Mr William Forster MLA formerly Agent-General, died at Ryde. Public meeting at Masonic Hall in favour of Langs Memorial.
31st – Melbourne Cup won by Assyrinn. Assembly adjourned in memory of Mr W Forster MLA.


1st – Metropolitan cattle saleyards opened. Funeral of W Forster MLA. Financial budget delivered.
2nd – Railway report laid before Parliament.
3rd – Electric light introduced into Herald Office. Plans for new Town Hall adopted.
4th – Wesleyan School Church commenced at Randwick.
5th – Mr J Greenwood died.
6th – Marine Board inquiry re Woniora. Central Criminal Court commenced.
7th – Detachment of Sepoys visited England.
8th – Torchlight procession in connection with Fire Brigade demonstration. Second reading of Land Bill moved.
9th – William Dunn sentenced to death for arson. Juvenile Exhibition opened at Lithgow. Intercolonial Fire Brigade demonstration.
10th – Royal Arcade opened. Wharf labourers struck work. Ivo Blights team of cricketers commenced match at Adelaide.
11th – Serious railway collision at Bathurst. Orient steamer Austral sunk with loss of life. Sydney municipal officers picnic. Partial eclipse of sun.
13th – Arthur Sketchley (George Ross) died. Ship Bann arrived with 408 immigrants. Inquest re men lost in Austral.
14th – Presentation to Sergeant Dawson by Chinese.
16th – Government defeated on their Land Bill. Welcome given to newly arrived Wesleyan ministers. Dr Parry of Dover declined bishops of Sydney. Presentation to Rabbi Davis by Sabbath school directors.
17th – Ivo Bligh’s team played Victoria.
18th – Report re Vernon published. Queen reviewed troops from Egypt.
19th – Admiral Hoskins knighted.
20th – Mr W McArthur made KCMG. Certificate of Captain Clare of Northampton suspended. Dunn’s sentence commuted to imprisonment for life. Royal Commission re noxious trades appointed.
21st – Parliament prorogued. Thomas Smith committed for murder of Phillip Rolls, New Britain.
22nd – Iron Cove bridge opened.
25th – Herald Wayze-Goose. Nomination of Alderman.
27th – J Hurley ex MLA for Narellan died.
28th – Meeting for formation of Naval Volunteer Artillery. Deputation of Civil servants to Sir Henry Parkes. Canon Flemming of Westminster declined bishopric of Sydney. Alarming state of affairs in Dublin – “Curfew” enforced.
29th – Death of Lillywhite, cricketer, reported. Bligh’s cricketers arrived.
30th – Sir Henry Parkes, Premier and Dr Remwick, Minister for Mines, rejected by East Sydney and the following members elected to represent that constituency – GH Reid, E Barton, GN Griffiths and J McElhone.


1st – Polling for eight aldermen for the city took place. Bus drivers struck for decrease in hours of work. Match between Hon Ivo Bligh’s English team and New South Wales commenced. Sir George Wigram Allen, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, elected for the Glebe. Failure of Levin Goldberg Bros and Co Flinders Lane Melbourne. Lilydale Railway opened. Postage to France reduced to a uniform rate of 6d.
2nd – Messrs Oliffe, Harris, Poole, and Withers elected for South Sydney. Hon WJ Foster, Minister for Justice, rejected by Newtown and the Hon FB Suttor, Minister for Public Instruction, returned for Bathurst. Sir Henry Parkes nominated for Bathurst. Terrible railway accident on Hawthorn line Melbourne, special train from Box Hill came into collision with ordinary train from Melbourne about 500 yards from Burnley Street Station, over 130 injured. Governor of Tasmania arrived on a visit to the Marquis of Normanby.
3rd – Attempt to murder Mr and Mrs Norman Campbell near Kilmore by a coloured servant in then employ, subsequently captured.
4th – Mr FR Broome CMG Colonial Secretary Mauritius appointed Governor Western Australia. Mr Coppin presented with cheque by Constitutional electors to defray Melbourne Province election expenses. Discovery of old coins supposed to have been buried for fifty years found on the estate of Mr John Rae near Springwood New South Wales. English team beat New South Wales by one innings and 126 runs.
4th – Sir Henry Parkes elected (unopposed) for Tenterfield. Hon James Watson, Colonial Treasurer, rejected by Young. Meeting of subscribers to the Anderson College at which Sir Alfred Stephen made and explanatory statement.
5th – Messrs O’Connor, Merriman, Abigail and Cameron elected for West Sydney. Hon John Lackey, Minister for Works, returned with Mr AH McCulloch for Central Cumberland. Heavy thunderstorm Melbourne and country districts, an inch and a quarter rain fell in one hour, considerable damage caused.
6th – Henry Lester or Foster executed at Deniliquin for brutal murder of a little girl Louisa Preston of Moira. Premises of Briscoe and Co Collins Street Melbourne sold to Co-operative Dress Company for £67500th – Lumpers’ strike terminated, the men returning to work at the old rate of 1s per hour.
7th – Transit of Venus, good observations in Victoria. English eleven won match against eighteen West Maitland by fifteen runs.
9th – Privy Council in the case Queen v. Blackwood overruled decision Victorian Supreme Court which had held that personal property outside the colony was liable to probate duty. Regatta held Upper Yarra in celebration of proclamation of Richmond as city. Plutus, steam collier from Newcastle to Melbourne wrecked in Shoalhaven bight – no lives lost. Mr Alexander Stuart, Leader of the Opposition, elected for Illawarra, defeating the Hon James Watson. Dr Renwick, Minister for Mines, rejected by Tumut. Mr John Harris re-elected Mayor of Sydney. Match between Hon Ivo Bligh’s team and 18 of Newcastle resulted in a draw. Schooner Eleanor Johnson wrecked at Gabo Island.
10th – News received via Brisbane of murder and cannibalism at New Guinea – crew of a vessel numbering 17 having been killed and eaten. Destructive fire at Hay. Ship Douglas arriving at Adelaide from Baltic reported the murder of Henry Salow second officer on September 23 by a seaman named Burns who was subsequently convicted and sentenced to death.
11th – Mr John Davies, CMG, who was defeated for South Sydney, rejected by Kiama. Sir John Robertson, Minister for Lands, elected for Mudgee.
12th – Mr Woods moved in the Victorian Assembly to bring the publisher of the Age before the bar of the House on account of an article accusing him of political roguery – after discussion the motion was withdrawn. Terrible mining accident New Australasian mine Creswick. Mine flooded and twenty seven miners imprisoned below. Destructive fire in Hunter-street, Newcastle.
13th – Hon R Wisdom, Attorney-General, elected for Morpeth. ASN Company’s new steamer Rockton arrived. Shock of earthquake felt at Walhalla. Pumping operations maintained all day at New Australasian mine to reach imprisoned men. Union Steamship Company purchased ss. Suva intending to develop trade between Melbourne and Fiji. Sir Charles Sladen resigned his seat in Legislative Council on account of ill-health. Fire at Sydney Exchange caused by electric light wire coming in contact with telephone wire.
14th – Right Rev. Dr. Kennion the new Bishop of Adelaide sailed from London for Adelaide. Imprisoned men in the New Australasian mine reached after being confined for fifty hours, five survivors – twenty-two found dead. Sir Arthur Gordon Rear Admiral Wilson and Rear-Admiral Hoskins appointed on the Royal Commission to report upon affairs in Western Pacific. Mr. Munro’s motion in the Victorian Assembly want of confidence negatived the previous question being carried by eleven votes.
15th – The twenty-two victims of the Creswick calamity buried in Creswick Cemetery. Lord Gifford Colonial Secretary Western Australia offered Colonial Secretaryship of Gibraltar.
16th – Public meeting Town Hall Melbourne for relief of sufferers by Creswick accident – £498 collected or subscribed in hall – resolved that it was desirable a National Mining Accident Relief Fund be established. Earl of Derby sworn in Secretary of State for Colonies. Melbourne Annual Regatta held. Messrs JS Farnell and WC Proctor elected for New England. Sir Patrick A Jennings elected as a member of the Senate of the University.
17th – Fire on board Cotopaxi Albert Dock London damages £20,000th – Funeral sermons preached in many churches in connection with Creswick accident.
18th – Son of Colonel Anderson nominated by University for military cadetship in Royal Military College Sandhurst England. Mr REW Herbert Permanent Under Secretary for the Colonies created KCB. Final meeting of subscribers to “Anderson College” resolution adopted that Government should take over the institution. Heavy hailstorm at Broughton Creek – much damage to fruit trees and vegetable gardens.
19th – Annual meetings of NSW Institute of Surveyors. Collision between two trains at Katoomba. – costly American engine much damaged.
20th – Great fire at Lithgow, block of buildings destroyed. Collision between two trains at second Zigzag – three cattle trucks thrown off line. Patrick and Elizabeth McGree convicted and sentenced to death for Hamley-bridge murder South Australia. Masonic ball in honour of Sir W. J. Clarke.
21st – Largely attended meeting of railway and tramway employees with reference to remuneration and overtime. Picnic given by Mr EO Moriarty (Engineer in Chief for Harbours and Rivers) to Engineering Association. Victorian Parliament adjourned until February 13th – New reply post-cards issued by the Melbourne postal department. Will of late Dean Backhaus proved at £75,200th – Coroner’s jury returned verdict of manslaughter in connection with Hawthorn Railway accident against Thompson station-master Hawthorn and Hunt guard of Box Hill special train adding rider that a permanent head should be provided for the Railway department. New South Wales general election completed. Fire in Russell Street Melbourne at Hemmons Laws and Co. wholesale druggists damage estimated £14000.
22nd – Government steamer Thetis, with transit of Venus party, owing to cloudy weather only partially successful. Another burst of water in the New Australasian mine Creswick greatly impeding operations. A blast equal to 90,000 lb of powder fired at the Glen Osmond (SA) quarries dislodging 200,000 cubic yards of stone.
23rd – Twenty-ninth Intercolonial cricket match – New South Wales v Victoria, commenced on MCC ground. First Melbourne Music Festival opened at Exhibition building by the Governor. Ship Peterborough arrived from Plymouth with 354 immigrants. Rowing contest between Beach and Clifford – won by Beach after a good contest. Another fire at Newcastle. Hon Malcolm Fraser CMG appointed Colonial Secretary Western Australia and Hon AC Onslow Chief Justice. L’Estrange Australian Blondin attempted to cross Middle Harbour Sydney on a bicycle on a tight rope 30 feet above the water but fell into the water escaping injury.
25th – City crowded for holidays – weather fine and cool. Upwards of 20,000 persons visited Botanic Gardens. An old man named Michael Leonard at Mulgrave shot a farm labourer known as Harry Denton and killed him. A woman named Mrs. Cox burned to death at a fire at North Williamstown.
26th – AJC Summer Meeting, Summer Cop, won by The Gem. Other sports well attended and theatres crowded in evening. Messrs. Cohen Bros furniture warehouse Stephen and Lonsdale Streets Melbourne destroyed by fire. Hon. James Service returned to Melbourne by the mail steamer Ballarat.
27th – Steamer New England, while crossing the Clarence bar, bound for Sydney, struck, and became a total wreck. A number of lives lost. Mr HH Wettenhall elected unopposed for the vacancy in the Nelson Province caused by the retirement of Sir Charles Sladen. Melbourne Musical Festival closed with performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Handel’s “ Israel in Egypt.”
28th – Times Leader on financial operations Australasian colonies. Hayter’s Victorian yearbook issued.
29th – University Senior Examination returns published. News of serious coach accident, Reedy Creek hill. Lecture on Edmund Burke by Mr WB Dalley QC at the School of Arts. Intercolonial cricket match Victoria v. New South Wales after lasting five days was won by New South Wales by seven wickets.
30th – Return showing progress of South Australia published. International Cricket Match. Parramatta Races.